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Lumen Housing is a subsidiary of Blackpool Housing Company Limited. We provide services to our customers in partnership with other group members. We are a bright and dynamic addition that supplements the work that Blackpool Council are doing to take a proactive lead in developing much needed affordable homes in neighbourhoods that are amongst the most deprived in the county.

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The place to find your next home

We were formed for the benefit of the community and have key objectives to:

  • Deliver a high quality affordable housing offer aimed at meeting local housing need
  • Contribute to wider social and physical regeneration strategies within the area of operation
  • Maximise available resources and to provide value for money across the business

We are aligned to the wider regeneration strategies of the town and work closely with partners including the Council, other Housing Associations and the Pride of Place Partnership to bring about lasting change to Blackpool’s housing market.

Our developments

Springfield Road & Lord Street

The Springfield Road / Lord Street development has been converted into 13 high quality, self-contained apartments that offer spacious and modern living spaces.